Most dated website design trends for 2016

Website design trends for 2016


A pretty dynamic world that it is, the scene of website designing is constantly evolving. A certain trend raising storm one minute could be boring the next and in the contemporary age of cut-throat competition, nothing can be worse than a daunting tired design for your next web design project. Now, that you are all set to brainstorm the best design for your upcoming website, beware of the dated design trends for this year.

Say no to plain flat design

There had been a huge uproar with flat design last year but by mid-2016, the buzz is almost down, making way for Flat 2.0 or “almost flat” design. So, it’s better to trade the plain flat oldie with the modern skeuomorphism, best represented by Flat 2.0. It renders good energy to the designs, along with a certain classy vintage appeal.

Lengthy forms are to be avoided

It’s a busy world today and attention spans are short. In such a packed situation, many websites still make the mistake of using lengthy forms for customer data. According to them, elaborate forms would help to squeeze out the maximum possible information from visitors but what they don’t understand is that such longer forms only end up causing a reverse effect- making visitors abandon those forms midway. So, please do not use lengthy forms and stick to concise intuitive forms. There is no need to bother your visitors with information that you don’t actually need.

Pop-ups are any day annoying

Albeit a lot of web designers tag pop-ups as an eye-grabbing marketing opportunity for the site’s new offers but please! Something popping up just like that, blocking the place when you are heading for important information on a website, is simply annoying. So, just try to avoid pop-ups. In case, you really want to use it, make sure those pop-ups are actually meaningful.

Skip the audio part

Music is pleasant but not always. At times, when someone, too immersed in work, goes to your website for quick data and suddenly music starts playing it’s going to be an unwelcome maddening experience for him. It’s somewhat like an annoying wasp buzzing all around when you are in serious need of concentration. Besides, the music would be a hassle for those on capped plan networks. So, if your website can part with music, kindly follow that. You can add a video though, which the user can start and stop at his own will.

Ditch the carousels

As we pointed out in our first blog article here ditch the carousels on top of the home page and there are plenty of reasons to do that. The limited content aspect makes the carousel bad for search engine optimization as it gets impossible to pump up the metadata on the page. The worst part about the carousel is that it shoves your vital content below its fold and also shows poor navigation. In simple words, carousels stink and hence have no place in 2016.

Background overload is passé

Background style is undoubtedly great but not so much when it shadows your main content. An overloaded background clouding the substance only affects the user experience negatively because your visitors are on the site for information. A beautiful stylish background is an added bonus yet not the sole thing that they are looking for as they land up on a site. An overloaded background would only end up annoying your visitors and the very lack of substance could mean serious issues regards to SEO. Gorgeous backgrounds are always welcome but just make sure these do not create any problems regarding the visibility or accessibility of the site content.


Use your own logic while designing a website and read a lot about how to achieve a visitor-oriented design that is fast, pleasant to the eyes and search engine friendly.

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