Site speed

In 2012 an engineering team dedicated to improving website speed for Walmart discovered if an ecommerce website does not load in one second or less it starts negatively impacting conversion rates. Thus, when developing an ecommerce website this is our number one priority on the list. Achieving the desired website speed requires multiple levels of optimization. We make sure this is done properly as a slow ecommerce website is not really a good thing to have. And yes, we do not use WordPress/WooCommerce to build ecommerce websites.

Responsive design

Most traffic on ecommerce websites originate from mobiles and tabs. Thus it is very important for us to make sure that mobile visitors get the best experience on their device. Not just for the product pages but the entire checkout process. Either way, the goal is to make sure we can deliver a consistent shopping experience whether your site is accessed on a desktop or a mobile device.


Well this is the third most important aspect of ecommerce development that we take care of. While this point is difficult to explain in a few words, the main story is if your ecommerce store is hosted on a single layer, you are probably sleeping on a bed of dynamite. We use multiple layers of security to fortify the ecommerce store and the main being serataing the user and admin layers completely. There are also other factors like using proper SSL certificates, proper methods of authentication including 2FA, OTP based authentication etc.

SEO capabilities

We ensure the best practices to make an ecommerce website SEO friendly. Ranking highly on Google search engine for relevant keywords is a wish for every business but for various reasons, the wish never turns into reality. One of them is a sick website structure (for example if your ecommerce is built with Wordpress). We make sure that the ecommerce website is structured properly so that the Search Engines like the data and the data feed. SEO organically delivers you potential clients with high intent who are more likely to convert, which can make SEO traffic more cost-effective.

Product Management

We build custom product management systems that are user friendly and help you manage your ecomemrce store products efficiently particularly if you are operating a large ecommerce store. From managing product variations to stock updations everything is taken care of. The good thing is if you need any weird customization, we can build it for you. Yah.

Order Management

Order management starts when a customer places an order and ends once they receive their package, and we help you take care of all the processes in between. You can effortlessly locate each order using its unique order id and accordingly, you can update the status of the order.

Payments and Checkout

Payments and Checkout are one of the most crucial features of e-commerce. It needs to be simple and user-friendly but at the same time it needs to be efficient and secure. We make sure to do so regardless of which payment gateway we integrate.

Marketing strategy

Google Merchant Center. Google Analytics. Google Search Console. Google Ads. Google Tag Manager. Facebook Pixels. So many metrics to connect to. We take care of these based on your marketing strategy, budget and product audience. Marketing your ecommerce website properly to your target audience.

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