Aug 2016 Archive

Most dated website design trends for 2016

  Introduction A pretty dynamic world that it is, the scene of website designing is constantly evolving. A certain trend raising storm one minute could be boring the next and in the contemporary age of cut-throat competition, nothing can be worse than a daunting tired design for your next web... Read More

Web Design Image Formats

  Web developers are usually in a soup when it comes to getting the right image format. It takes them a series of trial & error sessions till they could finally reach the desired format- but the catch is they never really know how the major image formats, be it GIF or PNG or JPEG- actually... Read More

Top 5 tips for Better Intuitive Web Design UI

  Introduction "Intuitive UI" is the talk of the town today when the whole world is getting more and more complex and we are wishing for things simpler and simpler. In fact, an intuitive user interface goes a long way to deciding the success or failure of your site and no wonder it&... Read More

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