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PHP vs. Node.js: Are We About To See Arch-Rivalry Between Old Buddies?

  PHP and JavaScript have been the poster kids of friendship in the virtual scape for decades. JavaScript took care of minor details on browser and PHP handled all server-side tasks in between MySQL and port 80. A happy camaraderie, the union of PHP + JavaScript has always supported multiple c... Read More

5 web design projects that are a strict “No” for your portfolio

  Your web design portfolio can make or break your business. Take it as your best man before your potential employers or clients. A best man is someone who projects you in the best light possible and hence is your ideal representative. The same goes for your web design portfolio. The design po... Read More

Why should designers pay heed to smaller projects?

A dynamic professional always aims for big projects. It’s the same with web designers as well. There is no denying of the fact that designers are extremely committed to their work. But, you also can’t ignore this basic fact that they are mostly focused on pursuing high-end projects and a... Read More

Six Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Page Design

  The most plaguing issue for an eCommerce site is cart abandonment. It is seen that the average value of carts abandoned during checkout is quite high which means that you are losing out on a sizeable chunk of sale. This leads to  a drop in conversion rate which is not a good sign for yo... Read More

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