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Top 10 awful SEO scams to be kept at bay

They say probably 90 percent of the entire SEO scape is a big scam. Take a stroll across popular online forums about digital marketing or SEO and this is a buzzing question. Well, honestly, 90% could be a wild claim but definitely the contemporary SEO industry is rife with scammers. Some loot you do... Read More

A-Z Guide to Plan up Successful Website Migration

Though apparently daunting yet website migration is indispensable to keep a site up and running over time.  Website migration can be defined as a process that brings a major change, influencing the visibility and indexability of a site to the search engines. A complicated procedure no doubt, a ... Read More

10 secrets of building a SEO-optimized website

  The e-commerce industry in the USA has rocketed to a whopping 37% growth in the latter half of 2020 and the numbers are showing a consistent upward graph. The current pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in shoppingbehaviours and in how people do business, creating an urgent need for almost... Read More

SEO friendly E-commerce website tips

  “SEO” is the buzzword today when you are aspiring for a higher rank over the search engines and the same goes for an e-commerce website. However, you must have also heard another term, “search engine friendly”- interestingly these two terms, “SEO” & &l... Read More

Guide to hire the right SEO company in Kolkata

  The modern digital world has made it almost mandatory to bring our businesses online and you have to develop a robust SEO campaign for your site - to beat the rankings of your contenders over the search engine. Thus, we see the heightened demand for the professional SEO services. The success... Read More

Google Penguin 4 update is LIVE!

Official confirmation from Google via Google webmaster blog has come that the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update has begun and this time it is real time! Why real time? Previously for a Penguin update and any changes to the website subsequently would have taken effect in the next Penguin update. Howe... Read More

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

  Introduction The world in the 21st century is steadily moving into the digital realm and the virtual sector exercises tremendous influence in every aspect of life, including business & marketing. It’s the search engines over the World Wide Web that decide the fate of businesses to... Read More

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