Guide to hire the right SEO company in Kolkata

Guide to hire the right SEO company in Kolkata


The modern digital world has made it almost mandatory to bring our businesses online and you have to develop a robust SEO campaign for your site - to beat the rankings of your contenders over the search engine. Thus, we see the heightened demand for the professional SEO services. The success of your business online is largely dependent on your SEO activities and hence you need to be really cautious while hiring your search engine optimization service company. Now, given the mounting demand, there is no dearth of SEO companies around but you must understand that there are a few rotten apples in the basket. A lot of considerations go into choosing and fishing out the most compatible, credible, ethical and affordable SEO firm for your business.

Why do you need a SEO company

SEO in 2016 - 2017 is all about adding value and quality to your website. Gone are the days of fooling GoogleYahoo and Bing with keyword stuffing and cheap blackhat techniques. Only a good SEO company can work patiently to add value and importance in the eyes of the search engines to rank you higher. The equation is simple. More quality equals to more importance. The implementation is complex and thus you need professional help.

Why it's a huge deal?

If you are a newbie in the SEO scene, you must be wondering why is it such a huge deal to find the right SEO company. Well, as mentioned before, not every SEO firm out there can offer you premium traffic flow and without it you can't expect a solid conversion. A weak SEO campaign is basically worthless for your site and it's of utmost importance to ensure a powerful SEO campaign for your platform- so that you can achieve and retain the desired top position over the search engines. In simple words, right ethical SEO will assure maximum brand visibility before your online audience, which is fundamental to attract traffic to your site. For example- say you have opened a store packed with amazing goodies. But no matter how interesting your inventory is, people will flock to your competitors if can't make your site known to them.
When you are working with a reliable SEO company, it would guarantee optimized content & most effective management of your backlinks.

What about the "ethical" quotient?

Well, no matter how many times we have decided to ignore, yet, karma has its own way round with us. If you are doing something good, you will expect only good in return and the same goes with bad deeds. Both Blackhat & Whitehat SEO exists today and it's up to you to decide which form of SEO company you are going to take to.


Companies that practice blackhat SEO doesn't exactly care for the rules and don't bat an eyelid to resort to unethical practices to race up in the competition. It could imply negative link building, extra keyword stuffing, shortcuts, negative press and so on. Taking to blackhat is akin to brutally forcing your route to success – that might work initially but in the long run could mean Google's wrath on your site.


SEO companies that follow the whitehat route maintain an ethical outlook towards everything regarding the SEO campaign and hence are always in the good book of Google. Contrary to shortcuts used in blackhat practices, a whitehat approach would readily take up all the hard work needed to make place over the search engines. These include a well thought-out marketing plan targeting the demographic, product testing & more link building for better ranks. Yes, the white-hat practice prefers a longer route but then, it's able to ensure the needed lasting results as well.

Points to check with your hired SEO firm

Let's say, you have zeroed in on a SEO company, backed by affordable rates and positive reviews. Is there still anything to worry about? Well, what's suitable for one may not be suitable for you and you have to ensure that the hired company knows what you need from it. It takes a sizeable amount to hire professional SEO services and even if it's an affordable one, you have to shell out around Rs. 20,000 every month. That's a good lot of money, especially for the small businesses and you have to see that you are getting your hard-earned money's worth.
The primary things to check with your SEO company are- new & premium backlinks, title tags & meta description, new fresh content & relevant images. The best SEO company won't just settle with the basics but would make it sure offers a customized target-oriented SEO.

Here are some of the points that you must check with your SEO provider:

Keyword research

The heart & soul of a SEO campaign, you must be careful to test the attitude of your SEO service provider regarding keyword research. The best ethical SEO companies are thoroughly knowledgeable on keyword research and won't leave any stone unturned to conduct an in-depth study here. They understand this basic truth that any slack in the research process, no matter how minor, can steer the SEO campaign to a futile route. But before checking your hire, you should yourself be aware of the steps of the keyword research process so that you can compare them with the policy followed by the SEO company.
Before getting into the steps, it's to note here that keyword research entails the process of studying various keyword terms and checking the most-used search terms by target users online. You will find myriad tools over the web that show stats for your target keywords, volume of monthly searches & competition.
The points to check:

  • Reasonably competitive keywords: The best keywords signify severe competition which means a battle too hard for you. Thus, your chosen SEO company must focus on popular but reasonable competitive keywords so that you can fight at your comfortable space.
  • Number of monthly searches: This is a very crucial point as the volume of monthly searches determines the volume of possible traffic the keyword can pull in to your site. The number of searches implies how many people have searched for that particular keyword and if you can use a keyword with high search stats- you can expect a similar great traffic pull to your platform.
  • Sensible to your needs: One of the main differences between a credible and regular SEO company is that the former is sensible and always attentive to your specific business needs. For example, a reliable SEO firm would never get generic keywords like “Atlanta buyers” for you but rather would offer something more targeted such as, “Atlanta home buyers.”

Backlink Building

A successful SEO campaign is just incomplete without backlink building. But then again, make sure your chosen SEO firm is sensible enough to implement the needful and ethical linking strategy only. It includes no shortcuts & no burden of irrelevant links. Most importantly, the most credible names in the market will always source the links from trustworthy sources such as authority & quality websites. No question of low-quality linking here.
FYI, you have a good host of various SEO tools today that will help you with an effective check on your backlink profile. They are a breeze to use- you would simply need to place your site address and you will have a bunch of backlink details waiting for you. Though backlink building is not exactly needed for local SEO but if you are aspiring to reach global, it's one of the most important maxims.
What to check with the backlinking part with the SEO company?

External Backlinks

The two most vital terms that you should mind here are "External Backlinks" & "Referring Domains". The former one refers to the sum of external links that are presently pointing towards your website. On the other hand, the latter implies reference to the number of websites which you have linked to your content as external links.
Make sure your SEO company is prompt at removing at bad backlinks (that are built by your contenders) & replacing them duly with good ones. If the service provider claims to offer a reliable link building service, you will see a prominent rise in the volume of Referring Domains in the analytics. If you are not finding such boosted results, you should give it a serious thought.
Here are some pointers that you must mind regarding the link-building service-

  • Quality of links: You must always keep tab on the quality of links the company is building for your site. Some of them starts really strong with optimum links in the initial weeks but then over time, as they gain your trust- laziness takes over. You definitely cannot allow any laidback attitude when you have hired a professional service and hence it's advised that you never stop monitoring them.
  • Don't hesitate to question: If you sense any problem with the link building service, don't hesitate to question. You have every right to inquire about the reducing number of Referring Domains or lack of quality with the links, if any. Any problem with your link building can put your entire marketing campaign at jeopardy. And remember, the best SEO companies are always open to questions from clients and own up to their deeds.
  • Don't miss the fine print:Please be smart enough to screen extensively through their service offers before signing the contract. If your SEO provider acknowledges to help you with 100 backlinks a day- that's awesome- but then make sure the contract specifically mentions “100 quality backlinks”. No compromise here.

What is good backlink?

Now, before we go to the next segment, it's vital to understand what entails "good backlink".
Well, in simple words, the good backlinks are the ones that are derived from the trusted sources only. The search engines usually look up to these sources for credible data and a link up with these pages would go a long way in establishing the credibility quotient of your content as well.
Besides, the volume of traffic as brought by the link is crucial as well. Just building a huge host of link won't do. You have to zero in on those links that are popular and can bring in volumes and volumes of traffic to your page as well, even if that means lesser number of links for you. So, check out beforehand whether your SEO company is hardworking enough to scan out the web world to fish out high-traffic quality links only.

Fresh content

The wise had rightly said- "Content is the king" and the same goes with your online marketing project. No wonder, smart entrepreneurs hire pro writers only to pen up their content. Content writing is a vital part of SEO since most of the promotional activities online are held through the textual form. Thus, make sure your chosen company is game with a premium content writing service as part of their SEO service package. The best content writing would speak of a fresh information-rich content that would be pulling enough to make your visitors stick to your website- and hopefully click on the “Contact” button. Content is the lifeblood of your website and hence be ready to shell out for professional writing service.

What to check in content writing

  • Blogs are important here and go for a company which is ready to take care of premium data-driven engaging blog posts. All the posts must be linked to your project page.
  • Though ignored often yet meta tags & meta descriptions are vital for your content. Your chosen SEO company must be ready to help you with strategic meta tags and descriptions, that can effectively offer an intriguing sneak-peek into your content.
  • All the pages of your site must be headed with distinct title tags- not exceeding 55 characters.
  • Pertinent alt image text is also important here and you have to ensure that the filenames of your images relate to your SEO campaign & target keywords.

Finally, it's better you make a shortlist of 4-5 potential SEO providers and take a comparative survey on them before the final investment. And yes, remember, cheap rates would only mean cheap service so, focus on those with stellar reputation and reasonable pricing.

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