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Digital Marketing For Your Business

  Welcome to the jet age popularly known as the Age of the Millennial where the lifestyle paradigm shift from physical to digital is compulsory and inevitable. And your business marketing and advertising are no exceptions. With over half the world’s population being connected to the in... Read More

Avoid these 3 mistakes in Facebook Advertising

  Introduction Undoubtedly one of the most prospective mediums for online marketing or digital marketing, Facebook is any day the darling of contemporary marketers. If you want to know the basics of Facebook marketing, read our previous article here. The social media giant... Read More

Facebook Marketing

  Introduction Once you have a properly designed working website by a competent web design company, the very next step is to get the words out there. People won't get to know about your website unless you show it to them. That is where Facebook marketing comes into play. It... Read More

What is Google Adwords?

  Introduction Google AdWords can be defined as the advertising system of Google that will enable one to market his brand over the search engine & Google’s affiliate sites through paid ads. These little text ads come up with a couple of descriptive lines, title line & URL link t... Read More

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