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An insight to Facebook Marketing


Once you have a properly designed working website by a competent web design company, the very next step is to get the word out there. People won't get to know about your website unless you show it to them. That is where Facebook marketing comes into play. It is instant, and rapid and can help reach your website or business to hundreds and thousands of people out there in a day or week depending on your budget. Facebook is no longer limited to a mere portal for casual interaction between youngsters and teenagers- in fact, people from every demographic spend a substantial amount of time on Facebook which in turn assures huge exposure for your website, brand or business. (Well take this with a pinch of salt).

Benefits of Facebook marketing:

Facebook is immensely popular among people from every walk of life, from all over the world.

  • 1.39 billion people use Facebook every month
  • 890 million people use the platform daily
  • Billions of images are shared across Facebook daily
  • Facebook witnesses over 2 billion interactions between celebrities & their fans every week

With such demographics and very flexible options to target audiences, Facebook marketing can take your website, brand or business to your customers in no time if done right. (That is where we come in, setting up ads or pages may seem easy, but to get a good ROI from them requires experience, skill and in-depth knowledge of how Facebook feeds work).

How to market your website on Facebook

Facebook business page

The primary way to market your website, brand or business on Facebook is through a business page on the social networking site. It will enable you to create a distinct identity for your company over Facebook and this is where you can elaborate on your product offerings, share images, links, and posts – and can even chat with your audience and followers. However, you must keep in mind what your target niche wants to hear or see or read while they are on your Facebook page. Remember this is your company's or brand's page and not your personal page. A proper logo, cover graphics, URL to your website etc. are required for making this page look professional.

Facebook ads

Facebook allows you to post ads that would appear on a Facebook user's feed or to the right of the feed. These Facebook Ads come up with a title line, an image & click-through link that would take one to some Facebook page or some Facebook app or some outside website.
Features of Facebook Ads are:

  • Demographic targeting through Facebook user details on the location, age, education & interests.
  • It allows you to set the ad budgets
  • It permits ad testing & you can run multiple advertisement versions simultaneously to compare the ad designs & setup.
  • You will get in-built tools for measuring ad performance.

The Facebook Ads accelerate the chances of increased “Likes” for you. As one user “Likes” the page, he is likely to be your follower & your posts would start appearing on their news feed. It would expose your ad to further users on that person’s friend list and this way your ad can go viral- leading to prospective engagement with more and more users and consequently potential conversions. The important point here is targeting your ads to the right audience and Facebook gives you a wide range of options to choose from. For example, you can set your ad to only "male above 40 CEOs who are looking for a good Web design company in Kolkata!"

Facebook contests

It’s basic human nature to get lured by prizes and hence contests are always a fantastic promotional tool on Facebook. People love to take part in quizzes, draws and competitions and such measures on your Facebook page would do much to up your brand awareness. However, you would need to use some 3rd party app for creating the Facebook contest and you have to direct the users to that app from your Facebook business page. Leading e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc hold such contests every now and then, not only to hold their fan following but also to make things interesting on their Facebook page.


Facebook marketing is a game of professional digital marketers. Done right it can prove highly beneficial for you. If done wrong you will end up losing money. It is very easy to buy likes and clicks for your website but the question is are the people who are liking your page would really ever become your customers?

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