What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords. An introduction.


Google AdWords can be defined as the advertising system of Google that will enable one to market his brand over the search engine & Google’s affiliate sites through paid ads. These little text ads come up with a couple of descriptive lines, title lines & URL links to your site or a specific page. The entire system works through PPC (Pay Per Click) process and Google will show your ad on its search result page whenever an online user makes a relevant search. In the image below we searched for "new york real estate" and as you can see the ads are displayed with the word "Ad". We have marked them in a red box.

Google Adwords example

If your website is new on the internet, it would take months to come to the first page of search results, if at all it does but the paid search process (through Google AdWords) can accelerate the process assuring almost immediate results for your brand.

The PPC protocol, bidding & CPM

According to the PPC process, you would only need to pay Google when a user actually clicks on your ad. You can go for a maximum bid value here but there is an automatic bidding process as well where Google itself decides the bidding amount with due respect to your budget. Another important term here is CPM or Cost Per Impression where you would be paying Google for every one thousand times the ad appears on the search engine result page (SERP). These options can be set up via an admin interface of your Adwords account. To sign up for a Google Adwords account, visit this link.

Where would the ad appear?

Your paid ads would usually appear on top or sides of the natural Google search engine results. These look more like organic results and hence have a handy chance of a conversion. Google places an “Ad” label in yellow over the paid search ads. However, Google AdWords offers this liberty to decide which page & position the ad will appear at. More is your bidding amount, better would be your ad positioning on Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). You must have this target to have your ad placed on the first page of Google results. It’s because it’s human nature to finalize the online search within the first 2 pages only.

What decides your ad’s exhibition on Google SERP?

The degree to which your ad gets shown up on Google SERP is based on two most important principles. One is how much you are willing to pay and the quality score of your ad.

Your bidding amount

It is needless to mention that the online commerce zone features cut-throat competition and you have several rival marketers vying for the same top position- on the first page of Google. Your chances here would be determined by how flexible you are when it comes to paying AdWords for each click on your ad. Consequently, the higher your bid is, the better the chances for your ad over the rival ads.

Quality score

You should know that, unlike other bidding models, your ad’s chances on top Google SERP are not only determined by the highest bid but your quality score also plays a key role here. The quality score is decided by the functionality or relevance of your ad to online searchers & their search terms. Google also counts the previous clicks (CTR) received by your ad & relevance of the landing page while determining the quality score. For example, if your ad takes the searcher to some generic homepage rather than a specific product page while a search for a particular product, your ad is not good enough.

So, you should aim to better your quality score as much as possible through practical keywords & pertinent landing pages. In fact, if you can manage a premium quality score, Google will readily place you over the rivals even if the maximum bidding amount is lesser than your contenders.

Can I set up Adwords myself?

Yes you can but it is suggested, you hire a Google Adwords professional like us who knows how to optimize and fine-tune the ads for the maximum return on investment of your money. Setting up and running Adwords may look simple, but there is a very high possibility that you will burn your money pretty quickly and leave Adwords forever. But, used with proper optimization, research and fine-tuning, Adwords can do wonders especially when your website is still not in the organic search results. The point that we mentioned above about quality score is a very important point and if the website or the landing page is not properly designed or optimized you might end up paying double or triple of your competitors.

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