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10 once - favorite design trends to bid adieu in 2022

Design trends come and go. Barring a few, there is probably no such design trend that would command the same appeal forever. It’s because the world of design is largely influenced by  user preferences which keep on changing time and again. Smart designers must keep themselves updated abou... Read More

10 top UI/UX trends ruling the e-commerce space in 2021

No matter how cool your products are, your shoppers would leave your online store in less than 1 second if you can’t provide them with a comfortable browsing experience. And when it comes to ensuring a seamless navigation across your online store, you have to zoom in on the UI/UX interface of ... Read More

Online Store Design Guide 101 for 2021 and beyond

The eCommerce industry has reportedly witnessed a whopping 27.6 percent increase in online sales worldwide of late. Looking from a global angle, the online retail market has been predicted to touch 4.89 trillion USD by the final quarter of 2021 and the figure will rocket up further in the coming yea... Read More

UI/UX Designers Are The Heart And Soul Of 21st Century Website Design

  Cutting-edge websites aren’t only about advanced programming languages; these are also about the lasting impression these platforms have been able to create on visitors. While app builders are responsible for quality apps, UI/UX designers too have a crucial role to play here. A truly ... Read More

Dark Mode Rises- why is it suddenly every web designer’s favorite?

  At times, it’s the simplest of stuff that scale up to be everyone’s favorite over time. The Dark Mode is one such phenomenon. Initially introduced as some default coding, today the very Dark Mode seems to be gaining increasing traction with each passing day. It’s no longer ... Read More

Pro Guide To Accelerate Speed With Mobile-First Website Design

Around 3.8 billion people use smartphones globally in 2021. It amounts to a whopping 48.53 percent of world’s populace owning a mobile phone (read smartphone). And that’s like a solid 9.3 percent spike over the past 1 months. So, what do these numbers spill? Well, the very fact that a we... Read More

Top 6 reasons to look past cheap designers for your website

We all love to save and we all look for bargains. Whether it’s about trying out a fancy diner or checking out the sexy LBD that you saw in the mall the other day- we hunt for a price off for everything we choose to try, buy or hire. But, in doing that, we tend to ignore a basic truth- quality... Read More

Website landing page Vs home page

Landing page is not synonymous to home page. It’s true that landing pages appear to be identical to home page but there are certain subtle differences between the two. The goal, traffic source as well the purpose of your landing page is markedly different from that of your website home page. Y... Read More

5 web design projects that are a strict “No” for your portfolio

  Your web design portfolio can make or break your business. Take it as your best man before your potential employers or clients. A best man is someone who projects you in the best light possible and hence is your ideal representative. The same goes for your web design portfolio. The design po... Read More

Why should designers pay heed to smaller projects?

A dynamic professional always aims for big projects. It’s the same with web designers as well. There is no denying of the fact that designers are extremely committed to their work. But, you also can’t ignore this basic fact that they are mostly focused on pursuing high-end projects and a... Read More

Things to know before building your own website

  The most important reason for building a website for your business is to be where your customers are. There is a reason why so many businesses, big or small, invest in a customized website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 97% of people go online to find a local business and 93% of all ... Read More

Why WordPress is an utter load of crap to build a serious business website with

  In 2015 I stopped building websites with Wordpress. Standing in 2019, I still see how everyday people are duped into the world of super messy Wordpress websites particularly because of their ignorance, lack of knowledge and an immense addiction to have a website designed for peanuts. The re... Read More

CSS Framework or CSS Grid: What Should You use for your Web Project?

  The process of coding a web page layout has become a comparatively easy process these days, courtesy cutting edge CSS standards. In terms of approaching the web design layout, the primary options which CSS offers (i.e. tables, floats and inline blocks) falls short in terms of speed and compl... Read More

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design

  From the giant corporate monitors to the tiny smart watches, users across the globe can now access online information from a variety of sources on a variety of screen sizes. With technology at our fingertips, it is imperative that designers make websites which are mobile friendly and easy t... Read More

Best Saas tools for web design companies

  Software as a Service has been a boon in the field of web design as now so much can be achieved without burning a hole in the pocket. We designers across the length and breadth of the country have tried and adopted SaaS which has indeed revolutionized their field. If you are a web designer, ... Read More

Website sidebars. Obsolete?

  Sidebars were introduced to websites around the mid nineties. Soon they started gaining rapid popularity as a cool new feature, for both looks as well as functionality to become one of the features of web designing that is still relevant even after all these years of rapid development of new... Read More

Why should you hire a web design company?

  If you are starting your new business or trying to make an online presence, it is crucial that you build yourself an absolutely smashing website to announce yourself to the world of web. Making an efficient, attractive, stylish website which is also easy to use is no simple feat. It requires... Read More

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Web Designer

  Designing a website for your company can be an extremely exciting and daunting experience. Your website sets the identity of your business. It is absolutely crucial that your website captivates your prospective clients and you have mere seconds to get or lose a client based on your website&r... Read More

5 New Website Design Trends in 2017 We Love

  A website is a business identity. It should represent what your business stands for, exhibit how you want the world to view your work and embrace the nature of your niche, making it stand out from everyone else. Therefore it is of utmost important how you build your website to integrate your... Read More

Great content makes a great website

  The old adage, “content is king” is extremely true when it comes to your website. After all, it’s the content for which the users visit your platform to gather information about your business and hence you have to be “right” here. Needless to mention, garish con... Read More

How to design a Contact page

  When it comes to designing a website, a good lot of thought goes into the homepage but usually most people foeget about the contact page. But what they don’t realize is that it’s the contact page through which your potential target would be reaching to you- and if it’s not ... Read More

Multilingual website design

  The virtual world has successfully cut across borders, paving a convenient route to reach global. Are you too aspiring to get in touch with your target audience beyond your national frontier? That’s brilliant…but while the internet has extended us a conducive environment to get ... Read More

12 web design mistakes to avoid

  It’s a dynamic world today where change is the only constant thing and the same rings true with web design. What was supposed to be the most “in” thing last year can dubbed as an old rag this year and this calls for constant evolution for your website. The last thing you wa... Read More

18 Web Design Lingos that you should know

Every industry carries its own set of insider terms or lingos and the same goes with the web designing scene. However, for the newbies in the designing sector these lingos are completely alien, leaving them kind of clueless about the communication. Whether you are an aspiring designer or a client lo... Read More

7 typical signs of mediocre web design

  Introduction What singles out a good design from a mediocre one? Well, among many other things there is one subtle difference that separates the good ones from the average ones and it’s the lack of understanding of the trends. A good web design company will definitely follow... Read More

Most dated website design trends for 2016

  Introduction A pretty dynamic world that it is, the scene of website designing is constantly evolving. A certain trend raising storm one minute could be boring the next and in the contemporary age of cut-throat competition, nothing can be worse than a daunting tired design for your next web... Read More

Web Design Image Formats

  Web developers are usually in a soup when it comes to getting the right image format. It takes them series of trial & error sessions till they could finally reach out to the desired format- but the catch is they never really know how the major image formats, be it GIF or PNG or JPEG- act... Read More

Top 5 tips for Better Intuitive Web Design UI

  Introduction "Intuitive UI" is the talk of the town today when the whole world is getting more and more complex and we are wishing for things simpler and simpler. In fact, an intuitive user interface goes a long way to decide the success or failure of your site and no wonder it&rs... Read More

Top 5 blunders to avoid in website design

  Websites are your primary representative to your entire online audience and hence you have to be really careful with the web design. It is like your storefront. An impression of your business. We discussed before the basic principles that a good web design company follows. Now, here are... Read More

Are web designs getting boring?

  The old adage “nothing lasts forever” might sound clichéd but its actually true. We have seen how mighty dynasties bit the dust or how once-commanding crazes gradually faded away over time-and web design is no exception. One day it might get just completely boring to the e... Read More

Domain Name Registration

Domain names seem to be the most ignored aspects of a website. Most companies and individuals somewhat fail to understand the details involved about registering a domain name and how it differs from web hosting. A domain name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the designated address of a website ... Read More

WordPress Pros and Cons For Web Designing

  Introduction WordPress is a very popular CMS (content management system) that needs no introduction. It is currently the most used tool for web design purposes by web designers. However, WordPress was not actually intended for this. WordPress started in 2003, basically a Php/MySQL base... Read More

Is your website responsive?

  On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Google made a change in its search results algorithm and it was a massive one. How massive? If your website was not mobile friendly, Google probably dropped it from it’s mobile search index. Google announced the change on its Webmaster Central Blog back in ... Read More

The principles of good website design

Introduction Good website design does not mean installing WordPress and putting a theme, either free or purchased and changing the colours here and there. But this is the trend among most web designing companies do these days. This is an ongoing cheap trick currently being followed by a number low ... Read More

Should I use a slider on my website?

Introduction It is a common trend these days to have a slider (a.k.a carousel or rotator) on a website and specially on the home or index page. This slider generally takes three-fourth of the visible area of the web page on your screen. As a matter of fact, most website design companies use th... Read More

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