Top 5 blunders to avoid in website design

Avoid these top 5 blunders in website design


Websites are your primary representative to your entire online audience and hence you have to be really careful with the web design. It is like your storefront. An impression of your business. We discussed before the basic principles that a good web design company follows. Now, here are the top 5 blunders that most web designers  do without even realizing it.

Problems in readability

Yes, an awesome interface design is always important but if the users are unable to read your text, your website is of no use. Your website is a portal to flaunt the uniqueness of your product but if your web content is illegible how do you think they will be able to grasp the needed information? Some websites take really bizarre fonts assuming that would enhance the style quotient of the website yet if such font styles cannot assure smooth readability, you are soon to lose out your visitors to your competitors.
Take note of color schemes used by leading popular sites & check which colors assure easy readability. You can try out various color schemes at Color Palletes.
Go for Sans serif font as it improves the readability factor on web.

Disorganized web content

It’s the content of your website which is the main pulling factor here and how you structure the content plays a key role in the success or failure of your platform. Your visitors are busy people and they won’t go through the content unless its actually necessary. They have hardly any time to go through the whole text and are mostly looking for the most functional and interesting takeaways from your content. But some designers simply put a detailed text without any proper segmentation & completely neglect the bullets, subheads, keywords or paragraphs. Many even forget the page title.
Moreover, there is the blunder of posting insignificant, inaccurate, dated & inaccessible content. Your content should complement the overall website theme and must be functional for your visitors.
Segment your content with proper headings, sub-heads & bullets, where necessary.
Maintain adequate white-space in between text & images through margins
Make sure to be consistent and post updated contents. Check at regular intervals and if needed, edit the past mistakes.

Poor navigation

A seamless navigation is one of the defining features of a successful website. It should be easier for your visitors to browse across your web pages. If they find it hard to go from one page to another, they won’t waste time on your portal. Thus, a consistent & intuitive navigation is a must. A lot of websites lose out on their traffic due to bad navigation despite awesome visual design & textual content.
It’s ideal to use concise text & visual metaphors mustn’t be re-invented. In regards to hyperlinks, they must stand out right from text-body. Do not keep dead links in your pages as such unwanted stuff only abet confusion.
Assure smooth navigation by having text descriptions for every link. Images must have alt text. When it comes to JavaScript or Flash links, take to alternative textual description techniques.
Maintain proper structure and organization with your navigation, matching up with website theme.
Business websites must zero in on absolute clarity & efficiency
If your visitor doesn’t find what he wants in 2 clicks, he is most likely to leave you immediately.

Inconsistency in interface design

With the bid to get extra creative, some designers take to different designs with each web page in a website. Now, this is a grave MISTAKE. Various designs for every web page make the entire thing confusing & utterly annoying for any visitor. Consistency is a big factor here and any problem here would create difficulties for the visitors to relate to your site. With every page they will feel like they are on a different website and it does not spell good for any platform.
You must get consistent standard template for each page in your site- with links connecting to chief sections of your platform.
Focus on aesthetically simple outlook to reduce confusion for the visitors.

Perplexed registration forms

The registration form is meant to acquire some basic identity details of a visitor but some websites go to the unwanted extent of asking even the most trivial personal details. The end result is a frustrated visitor who has every plan to leave your site. The registration form must be simple and stick to bare basic details only.

The best web designs focus on 2 most important words- simplicity & usability.

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