6 best tools for startups without designing team

6 great tools for startups without a designing team


Design is fundamental when you are looking to launch a product in the market. It could be an app or a website or just anything. But what, when you don’t have a professional in-house design team handy. Maintaining such a team is always a pricey affair for a startup and so is hiring designers. But not to worry, as below you find a great list of design tools to help you out.

1. Freepik

You are getting a comprehensive tool here which would be amazing for amateur designers. Run and populated by pro website designers, developers and digital professionals, Freepik is your one-stop destination for finding vectors, icons and even images- all the things you might need for a successful app or website. You can use it with free popular stock image providers like Pixabay or Pexels.

Price: It’s free up till 60 downloads per day, for both commercial and personal use.
Website: www.freepik.com

2. Pexels

Pexels logo

When it comes to great designs, you would need premium images to accompany your graphics. But it’s a surmountable task today to dig out high resolution gripping images given copyright issues. However, Pexels has the answer for you here with its amazing bunch of CC0 photos that you can seamlessly use, modify and distribute for both commercial and personal uses. There is no need to link them back.

Price: It’s completely free of charge to use Pexels. However, you might be prompted for donations to enhance the site’s hosting capacity.
Website: https://www.pexels.com/

3. Instapage

Instapage logo

With 250,000+ users worldwide, Instapage is no doubt a commanding name when it comes to landing-page builders. Whether you are looking for pages on contest information or sign-up pages, Instapage will help you in every way with large variety of landing page versions. You have a broad scale of options to take a comparative study before you choose the most compatible one for you. After you choose your one, you can easily customize it with your brand logo, business message, preferred fonts and images. The cool deal is that here the visitors can even carry out A/B test and tweak the pages.

Price: You have a basic free plan here but that’s exclusive of responsive page versions and few advanced features you get with paid plans. In regards, to paid plans, there are 3 plans ranging from $29, $79 and $179 a month respectively.
Website: https://instapage.com/

4. Redraw.io

Redrawio logo

If you are looking for help with your mobile themes and that too real fast, Redraw.io would be the right portal for you. It’s one of the best theming platforms out there that allows one to build stunning mobile themes, especially for Android phones as well as monetize just like pro mobile designers. The best part is that there is no coding requirement here and you can still be assured of a gorgeous themes even with your primary design skills. For those already with a site and in need of a cool app, there is “instant appification” DWNLD tool to go for.

Price: Redraw.io allows visitors to make great themes/skins free of cost while DWNLD enables full on app build-up for free. Besides, with a nominal price of just $15 a month, you will have access on more metrics and you would be allowed to enjoy 90 percent of ad revenue in case you enable them.
Website: https://redraw.io/

5. Adobe Color CC

Abobe Color CC logo

If you are in need of a robust help to create color scheme right from the scratch, Adobe Color CC is the tool for you. It enables you to choose the most suitable 4 shades from color wheel- for your website, blog, a specific page, info-graphic or graphic image which will match up with your specific one shade, based on rules you choose in top left part of screen. Mention must be made of the tool’s Explore tab which enables you to browse through, edit, copy and save to library the ready made schemes made by other users. It is really helpful when you are in a jiffy. In fact, Adobe enables one to import his new theme right to Photoshop, illustrator or InDesign.

Price: Yes, it’s completely free for use.
Website: https://color.adobe.com/

6. Withoomph

Withoomph logo

The logo of your brand goes a long way in defining your brand message and relevance to the masses. If you need a robust help here, Withoomph would be the portal for you. This is a virtual logo generator which offers numerous amazing logos as you enter pertinent descriptive keywords and company name. Moreover, it will come up with logo-watermarked items before you buy- to ensure you always know what you are buying.

Price: Digital-read logo will cost something like $30 here while the print-ready version would mean something around $75. It’s any day cheaper than hiring a designer for your logo.
Website: https://withoomph.com/

So, why waste bucks in hiring a designer team when you have such great supports at a fairer rate?

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