Why WordPress is an utter load of crap to build a serious business website with

Why WordPress is an utter load of crap to build a serious business website with


In 2015 I stopped building websites with Wordpress.

Standing in 2019, I still see how everyday people are duped into the world of super messy Wordpress websites particularly because of their ignorance, lack of knowledge and an immense addiction to have a website designed for peanuts. The regret comes later and comes with heavy prices.

Back in 2015 I wrote this about Wordpress. Things are pretty much the same if not worse.

Wordpress - a cesspool of dog muck

Wordpress was/is an open source blogging platform. It was/is good. It was meant for users who would like to blog without having technical knowledge of php, html, css or database. But then a bunch of rascals started to fuck it up. By creating worthless bloated themes, plugins and what not Wordpress now exists within a cesspool of dog muck. Now you as a business owner are not supposed to know this. Because 90% of the web designers like to spin a crap out of Wordpress and glorify it whenever they get a chance. The question is why so? Wordpress do not pay them to do that.


  1. It is easy to create shit with Wordpress.
  2. Wordpess websites require limited knowledge and skills.
  3. By hiring cheapstake employess one can easily run a business of designing Wordpress websites.
  4. Crappy Wordpress websites give a good profit margin to the web designers.
  5. They don’t care about you or your business.

Wordpress dashboard

Now, this beating a donkey to be a horse has become a monkey business. You are not at fault. With thousands of themes and customizable options, it could feel like Wordpress being a smart choice for your website or ecommerce. But unfortunately it is not. Read on.

The "Dynamic Website" crapology

In recent times, there is a term floating around - Dynamic Website. This is "THE" keyword for the monkey business. It makes me laugh personally when I hear it or someone asks for it. The term implies to the fact that the you, as the owner of the website can change the content on the website as per your will or requirement. This is a great selling point for the "not so knowledgable web designers". Wordpress being a CMS delivers everything via a dashboard which initially seems like a box of candies to a 3 years old. A eureka moment for you.

Dynamic website with Wordpress

But ask yourself this question, how good are you using Microsoft Word? Can you put four lines of text overlaid on two images, place them side by side and print them? Seems a little tricky. Well, the Wordpress dashboard is a whole lot trickier than that. Unless you are using it for purely blogging purposes. The more you will use it, the less excited you will be over the time. Wordpress was not developed for building business websites. Wordpress was developed for blogging.

Wordpress was purely designed for blogs

Would you use an 18-wheeler with fancy stickers and a fancy audio to commute to your office everyday? Yeah right, nobody does that. So why would you use Wordpress that has approximately hundreds and hundreds of files and a database to build your 25 page business website? In 2003, Wordpress was originally an offshoot of another project, b2/cafelog. It used a database to manage blog content. Today, Wordpress powers approximately 75 million blogs. They are mostly non business websites. They are not meant to convert visitors into customers and patrons. Even if they are meant, they are okay. If you want to blog, Wordpress is the best out there. But if you want to have a business website or an ecommerce, please look beyond Wordpress. You really do not want to house those huge number of extra files on top of your website files.

Wordpress + Cheap Web Hosting = Obituary for your website

Wordpress assists you in creating and managing how your website looks and behaves. On the server side it uses Php to process all browser requests. Depending on the Wordpress theme and plugins used the load time of your website will be affected significantly. During heavy usage, it can beat the shit out of your cheap shared web hosting and making the website completely breathless. Result? Your visitor sighs and leaves your website for another one. Although a good hosting environment might be able to make up for the delay, but since you have used the cheapest option to design your website you are probably using a cheap fucked up web hosting too. So the combination of Wordpress and a cheap web hosting might just frustrate the hell out of your users. That to our mind, is not a good news in any way!

Wordpress website grave

As per a Strangeloop study, just a single second of delay in loading your page can cost you 7% loss in lead conversions, 11% lesser page views and 16% decreased customer satisfaction. To top it, Google generally pushes the slow loading website down the search results. Down, down and down. Sounds exciting? No? Okay read on.
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Zipper at the front, zipper at the back, zipper on all sides

So much customization to be excited for. It is like wearing a fancy trouser with zippers on three sides. To pee you use the front one. To shit you open the rear one. To scratch your ass you open the side ones. Well that is what your web designer is excited about. And he/she got excited you too. But there is a catch. Your rear zipper might give away while you are in the middle of a business meeting. And that is not good news! Wordpress has tons of customization available in the form of themes, plugins and bull crap. The more the customizations, the more the failure points. To top that off, if your Wordpress installation is using 10 plugins they are probably written by 10 different people from 10 different countries in 10 different ways. A typical Wordpress installation with all sorts of themes and plugins is like a global culture meeting. For a serious business website, we find that really really scary.
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Wordpress can drain your wallet (or credit card)

Wordpress is officially FREE. Yes, it is a open source software and it is free. Themes are free, plugins are free. However there are paid themes and plugins too. But still your web designer might charge anything they want. It can be $100, $200, $500, heck I have seen crappy Wordpress websites and Wordpress ecommerce websites being sold for $2000. That is because you are ignorant. Because you do not know what is free and what is not. Know that the web designers do not have to do much shit constructing the website. So getting a fat profit margin with a Wordpress website is easy. It does not take any skill and very less knowledge to build a Wordpress website. Because at the end of the day it is an artificially frangranced shitpile. You do not know it. The aroma is on the top. Shovel deep and its all yuck!
Thereafter the game starts.
You are bound to get ready for a world of hurt once your website in Wordpress is up. Wordpress websites are more likely to break down every three to four months. There are exceptions here though, but considering the lameass budget you will have, you will surely get crap shoveled down the throat. If not, you must consider yourself lucky. With the constant change in online technology, Wordpress need to be regularly updated and fixed. It is a brain dead job. And your web designer will charge you for this. Then again. Then again. Ultimately you will get the feeling, hey let me look for a different web designer who knows things better. And you will change the milkman. But you will be still milked and milked and milked. Till your wallet drains out.

Milking the client

So what started as a merry website design episode on a cool budget will turn out to be a horror movie. At this point you won't have any more budget for the website and a pile of fragranced dog crap on your lap (a cheap D grade looking Wordpress website designed by an idiot hosted on a cheap server).
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We have not told you the security aspects yet!

Wordpress is a playground of hackbots and newbie hackers who hack websites for fun. You do not know that though.
You will get probably get 100s other links if you Google for "Wordpress security issues". Your web designer may or may not know these. But it does not make any difference. With Wordpress the profit margin for web designers is fat and they do not need to be knowledgeable, skilled or anything. So be ready to bend over for a penetration. From your web designer and from the hackers. It would be completely unnecessary to list the security issues here as those are common knowledge just like "The earth revolves around the sun" or "The sun rises in the east". So if you are curious, just Google it.

Wordpress security

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Wordpress is not lean and not fast on shared web hosting

We are back to our point #2 again. You won't use a 18-wheeler truck for your office commutes. So why would you use Wordpress for your 25 pages or even 50 pages website? Every minor functionality on Wordpress needs a plugin. Plugins are external set of files developed by various people. There is no standard for the coding practices and a next door high school kid can develop a Wordpress plugin. It can break the website. It can wreck havoc. But neither you nor the "half-ass" web designer knows about it or just ignorant about it. The look of the website comes via a theme, and since the same theme is being used by 1000s of other websites, your website is just another brick in the wall. With the Wordpress core files, theme files, pluggin files, your website will be like something like the picture below.

Bloated Wordpress

Since Wordpress requires multiple resources to run, on a shared web hosting environment it runs slow than desired. With 5 to 10 visitors a day, it will not hurt however as your web traffic increases, you will enter the "horror movie" phase. So if you fall for the "Dynamic Website" trap, well God save you.
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The SEO "Myth"

You might hear Wordpress web designers claiming that it is the only platform which works well with SEO. Although this might have held true a decade ago, Google’s newest algorithms prioritizes top notch web design, useful information and good quality blog posts. Today, SEO is all about clear and crisp quality content and informative blogging and having a fast loading, mobile responsive, techically sound website. Nothing else works and no web designer will explain anything else to you! There are also several SEO plugins, which actually you do not need, if your web designer is knowledgeable enough and not lazy.
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Wordpress and Analytics

Owing to the ever increasing competition to garner viewership and consequently conversion, analytics is the only way to understand where your business website stands. Starting from understanding the kind of users who visit your website and how they came across it to click progression, time per page, keyword search, bounce rate and conversion rate, there are numerous metrics for you to look into in order to ensure that your digital presence remains at the top of the game. Unfortunately, Wordpress has no analysis software for you to look into and is no friend to your business analytics! Even if you think about installing a plugin such as Jetpack, it does not have a detailed data like Google Analytics or other platforms made for business analytics. Collecting and analyzing data is imperative for your business growth and ignoring it because of an inadequate functionality could be hazardous. Once again you will need a Wordpress plugin for this.


  1. Do not fall for the Wordpress dynamic website crap! (If you can)
  2. If Wordpress is your choice, make sure your web designer has secured the website enough.
  3. If Wordpress is your choice, make sure your website is hosted on a superior web host.
  4. If Wordpress is your choice, make sure you are using the minimum number of reliable plugins required.
  5. If your web designer has quoted a "too good to be true" price for a Dynamic Website (LOL), probably they will design the website with Wordpress. Get to know this fact before than regretting later.
  6. There are other ways to build lean, secured, fully customized, beautiful dynamic websites. Contact Us.

Frequently asked questions

Does Hexadesigns build Wordpress websites?
The short and long answer is NO. We use Wordpress only for blogs. Blogs that are just websites or blogs that are part of a website. Infact the blog that you are reading here is powered by Wordpress. As I mentioned before, Wordpress is a good tool to blog. But that's about it.

Can Hexadesigns fix my doomed Wordpress website?
No we will not be able to. We will rather clean our office toilet.

I have already spent a lot behind the shitty Wordpress website but I am not satisfied. Would Hexadesigns consider this fact while quoting for a fresh website?
LOL. No. Don't even mention.

I hope the above article will be an eye opener for you and you will be able to handle things in a different way while shopping for a website. Please do not contact us with anything regarding Wordpress unless you are looking to blog.

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Aritrim Basu
Managing Partner, Hexadesigns

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