2017 Web Design Trends

A website is a business identity. It should represent what your business stands for, exhibit how you want the world to view your work and embrace the nature of your niche, making it stand out from everyone else. Therefore it is of utmost importance how you build your website to integrate your unique identity. When it comes to web designing design is just as important as content. A user-friendly and attractive interface not only makes a website easy for the eyes but also gives the right vibe to the viewers about your business. A little bit of effort in design can go a long way in increasing your viewership. A bad design can severely bring down all the hard work you put behind the content. In recent times, web designers have started paying a lot of attention to design, thereby giving rise to some stunning design styles. Here are some of the cool new design trends we are totally digging into this year.

Minimalist Approach

This year has seen a huge rise in clutter-free minimalist website designs. Simple solid designs and clarity rule this year. This ensures better visibility across all platforms like PC, tablets, smartphones etc. It has led to a better presentation and more white space. This not only makes it much easier to view but also looks mature and professional.

Emphasis on Fun

It is amazing how professionalism and fun go hand in hand when it comes to web design these days. Just because the issue you are working on is extremely serious doesn't mean that you can not have fun with work. This year has seen websites ditching traditional fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel etc and going for fun and interesting fonts. Styles ranging from doodles to comics are the rage these days. This year has also seen an explosion of colours. Old black and white or drab colours have gone for a toss as websites have geared up with neon and pastels.

Visual Tools

Websites these days are splashed all over with brilliant illustrations, gifs and even hand-drawn doodles. There is a whole lot of emphasis on visual presentation this year and that has led to the creation of a bunch of really interesting and attractive websites. Using a photo background is another technique that can change any boring website to a stunning one. This trend has gained rapid popularity among photographers, fashion designers, travel companies, spas, hotels etc.

Hidden Menu

2017 has taken minimalism very seriously and in its attempt to reduce clutter, it has done away with a menu bar completely. You can now get all the menus at the click of an icon or hovering over a particular area instead of having them stare you in the face, thereby increasing more items on the screen. Hidden menus have done a great job of reducing the content on the screen, making it easier to read.

Ghost Buttons

Chunky contrasting buttons are a thing of the past now with the all-new ghost buttons. There are transparent buttons, bordered by sleek lines and containing text in a clear, easy-to-read font. It gives a very classy and sophisticated look to your website.

2017 is all about making your website look smart, fun and less cluttered and that is what we love the most. Some of the website design trends that have gained popularity this year can give a very unique, stylish and yet fun look to your website.

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