Advantages of Cloud Computing

Advantages of cloud computing


Cloud computing is the coolest new technology available today. Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are that you have heard of this technology which is a rapidly growing rage among businesses of all sizes, irrespective of industry and location. All over the world more and more companies are moving to cloud based systems and joining the revolution of growth. Simply put, the cloud computing is a type of computing that takes place over the internet instead of being dependent solely on your desktop based system. All you need to move to cloud computing is an internet connection and you can change the way you work.

When you start a business with passion and love for what you do you often fail to take into account the tedious side of managing your business. It is where cloud computing comes in. A reputable cloud services provider would reduce your work, saving you time and effort. If you are on the fence about shifting to cloud computing, here are a few reasons why you should do it immediately.

Bandwidth flexibility

The flexibility that cloud based services provide is very lucrative for companies with fluctuating bandwidth needs. Depending on your needs you can easily increase or decrease your cloud capacity without much hassle.


Cloud computing is not bound to a computer or a location and it requires only a working internet connection. So you can work from anywhere, be it from home or office. Whether you are on a business trip or vacation, work doesn’t have to take a hit thanks to the cloud.

Automatic software updates

Unlike desktop based systems, cloud computing takes care of all the software updates. The provider rolls out regular software and security updates. Therefore you don’t have to waste your time and energy updating your system manually.

Reduced costs

Cloud computing reduces the cost on expensive hardware. Since it requires only a working internet connection, it is possible even to work on a basic old computer without updating any hardware. You enjoy a subscription based model and hence pay on for as much as you need. This goes a great way in reducing expenditure.

Disaster recovery

It is recommended that businesses, irrespective of their scale, invest in some form of disaster recovery system. However it is incredibly difficult for a small business where cash and resources are bound by a strict budget. Owing to cloud based computing and its efficient backup and recovery system, it is possible for even small businesses to have a backup without paying a huge upfront cost.

Increased collaboration

Since it is not bound to a single machine, your team can access and work on your database without depending on anyone. With cloud based workflow and file sharing apps, they can make real time updates and hence your backlogs are reduced drastically.

Improved security and control

In desktop based system information sharing requires file sharing via portable devices which is highly insecure and a small mistake can lead to a huge security breach. But with cloud computer, files are located centrally and everyone who is granted access can work without the fear of data breach. Moreover you can control and regulate what information can be accessed by whom, which makes your security foolproof. Moreover you can remotely wipe data from lost devices to prevent it from reaching the wrong hands.

Do more with less

With cloud computing companies can now reduce the size of their own data centers and maybe even do away with their data center footprint completely. The reduction in the number of servers will significantly reduce IT costs without compromising on quality or capability.


Most cloud computing software providers are extremely reliable and stable with their services, some maintaining even 99.99% uptime. Since the connection is always on, workers can choose to work in their convenient time as well.

Environment friendly

While you are saving money and making better profits in your business, do you know that you are helping the environment too by working on cloud computing? Since you can scale your server capacity to meet your needs, you are using only the amount of energy you need, thereby not leaving excess carbon footprints. As companies are reducing their data centers it is also helping them do their bit for the environment

If you have a stable internet connection cloud computing is your best bet. Not only does it make your work less tedious, it also saves enormous amount of money in the long run. Cloud computing is the future of business.

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