When it comes to the price of web design, there is a significant difference. Discover the variations and why you should exercise caution while selecting an agency. Here are some key differences between a cheap website and a premium website:


The service procedure is what separates Standard Web Design from Premium Design.

  • A cheap website is the main emphasis of a typical web design bundle. The designer concentrates on creating what you request.
  • A premium website build aims to create a website that is an effective marketing tool for your company. A qualified marketer will evaluate your corporate identity and brand. After that, they will give you a superior website design.


  • Cheap websites have their limitations and effectiveness. A cheap website generally has a lower cost. They are easier, quicker, and more economical to build. Typically free frameworks like WordPress are used to build them. They can use a design theme that is probably used on 500 other websites. Read on. 
  • Premium websites have a higher cost. It is because of the effort put into them. Everything is planned and done meticulously, from conceiving the design idea to executing the custom features. In all cases, a premium website will feature a unique design created for your brand or organization, keeping your brand's target audience in mind.


  • A cheap website created using a template is acceptable in some circumstances. But these templates usually don't consider your unique speciality or how your clients connect with your brand. Lower conversion rates, a slower-loading site, less flexibility, and a shaky internal structure can all result from this.
  • An expensive website will have tailored graphics to better market your company. You receive personalized layouts and designs that meet your particular needs. These designs can also be readily adapted for use in other forms of advertising, such as brochures, in-store displays, and social media advertisements.


  • Your mobile site, which receives most of the web traffic, will appear cheap if you want to maintain your low cost. The inexpensive website typically charges more for providing a positive user experience on a smartphone or tablet (and you should, as 70% of web traffic originates from mobile devices) (which, of course, makes them more expensive). Most low-cost websites are created for desktop viewing.
  • The responsiveness of more expensive website designs refers to how well the design works with various browsers and screen sizes. Most eCommerce sites are created utilizing a mobile-first strategy that functions on desktops, several screen sizes, and various browsers. This is more expensive, but in exchange, you get additional functionality, especially if you provide a shopping cart and a uniform appearance across all devices and operating systems. For instance, contrast the mobile version of Amazon with the so-so experience on the desktop.


  • A cheap website generally has a lower cost, is less customizable, and has fewer features than a premium website.
  • A premium website may have a higher cost but often includes more advanced features such as a custom design, more functionality, and better technical support. Additionally, a premium website may have a more professional and polished appearance than a cheap one.

Technical Support

  • You may be left on your own with the low-cost website design service.
  • With an expensive website, you can update your website yourself by doing a few tasks. You can upgrade by using a more expensive website design firm that offers you basic training and continuing customer support. Both of those things can help you save money. However, if you don't know how to make those adjustments, they won't get done, and you may need to pay a website designer to do it for you.


  • This sales strategy, known as "churn and burn," is used by cheap website agencies, who are more focused on acquiring the next client and moving on. Budgeting for professional website maintenance and support is a fantastic idea if you value quality, which you should.
  • Your business will suffer if your website is constantly down or insecure and is breached. A more expensive website development team immediately responds to these problems and addresses the root causes. Your continued business is their top priority. The majority of businesses provide an annual update package that handles this. Updates will be made to the theme, plugins, and PHP, and their compatibility will be thoroughly checked. Most mistakes should be repaired without charging extra if they are discovered during testing.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Because Google constantly modifies its ranking criteria for how potential consumers might find you, constant updating necessitates reevaluating meta tags, keywords, and content. An inexpensive website designer typically isn't interested in building a long-term clientele to invest the time in that kind of preparation.
  • An emphasis on marketing, SEO, and growth is a feature of more expensive websites. As a result, you have a plan in place for when the website goes live to draw in your target audience and extend it as your company expands, preventing you from having to create another website quickly. It may be adjusted and will expand along with you over time.


  • A cheap website offers a few cookie-cutter design templates with few if any, choices for customization. The cheap website may be less secure and have poor trust.
  • Expensive websites have high-level security, while a premium website often includes advanced security features such as SSL, backups, and more.


  • A cheap website may not be able to handle high traffic or expand as your business grows.
  • In contrast, a premium website can be built to handle high traffic and scalability.


Organizations should conduct extensive research before choosing a web design company. An excellent website will be optimized, quick, and secure in addition to having a fantastic website design. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of websites developed on a budget are difficult to notice at first glance and can include terrible site speed, security, optimization, and design.


Hexadesigns is a web design company in Kolkata, dedicated to providing solutions that align with your business objectives. With our expertise in website design and development, we strive to deliver websites and web applications that effectively support your goals. Trust us to create a website that not only showcases your brand but also drives success for your business. Contact us today.

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