93% of marketers have reported that interactive content could be extremely powerful for engaging customers through both entertainment and education. Interactive content stands out with its “engaging” quotient- one of the major factors that help to both attract and retain an audience. It should also be noted that “customer engagement” is one thing that several marketers have a hard time with. It’s more of an arduous task especially today when your visitors’ attention span has drastically reduced and there are ample distractions around. The bottom line is, that if you want visitors to come to your site and stay there, you need engaging content. Interactive content holds the power to pull in your visitors and prevent them from getting distracted to a large extent. Quizzes are highly valued interactive content in contemporary web design and marketing scenarios.

The post below will share some pro tips on deploying quizzes like a boss. But before that, let’s get into the advantages of using quizzes in your interactive content schedule.

Why do quizzes get brownie points?

A mighty interactive content, quizzes have a cool way to reveal insights about your customers that eventually help brands to improve customer satisfaction. The best part, your audience loves it too. There is a playful quotient in quizzes that attracts audiences of all ages. The tip is to focus on quizzes that will ask customers about themselves, their persona, likes, dislikes, and so on. Needless to mention, the quizzes should be tailored according to your brand image. 

People love to talk about themselves. If you ask someone about their day or anything about them, the person would pause his previous flow of work to answer. It’s because these kinds of quizzes help to create a feeling of belonging for your customer - s/he would start to feel “at home” with your brand.

Thus, quizzes are a wonderful way to pull your potential audience towards your content, thereby preventing the risk of getting distracted. 

Help to offer personalized recommendation
Quizzes are a handy help for brands to glean insights into customer preferences. 
For example, say you run a gift shop. So, you can put a quiz that would be something along the lines of, “What would you buy for your mom on Mother’s Day?”.  As your visitors would answer your question, you will be able to attain a sneak peek into their personal preferences. Based on those insights, you can easily offer personalized recommendations from your store. 

The good thing is, that these kinds of quizzes will enable you to offer recommendations without sounding pushy or too sales-y.

Step-by-step guide on featuring quizzes 

Step 1
1. Understanding the goal and relevance
Before you start drafting the quiz list, attain a clear understanding of two things-

  • Your goal behind the quiz list- improved brand loyalty, higher conversion rate, or enhanced engagement?
  • Would the quiz appeal to your visitors? Would they find it pertinent to their shopping goals or interests? Would the quiz help to offer some kind of useful insight?

These inputs will help you to create an organized and targeted quiz list.

Step 2
1. Zoom on the title and type of quiz

Did you know 80 per cent of readers check the title first to decide whether or not to read an article? Even the most amazing content might fail to retain visitors if the title fails to pique the attention of the visitors. 
The same works for your quiz title. One tip would be to create a quiz title that would challenge the innate competitive spirit of your visitors. One of the prime elements of these kinds of quiz headings is the term “actually”. So, you can have a title in this line, “How well do you all understand spinach?”

Another good option would be to form a question that would invoke curiosity in the audience. For example- “What does 2023 have in store for you?”

Quiz types

  • Personality Quiz- Human beings are psychologically wired to love hearing nice stuff about them. In that light, you can do personality quizzes that focus on features that your visitors love about themselves. These quizzes will go a long way in helping to build their connection with your website.
  • Knowledge Quiz- These quizzes are designed to challenge the knowledge of your visitors on a particular subject. This way, these quizzes help the visitors to garner knowledge on the specific topic. Anything that offers something new to learn is always valuable.

Step 3
1. Round up the questions

Next, you will have to create a listicle of the questions to be included in your content. Make no mistake, the quiz questions are the blood and soul of your interactive content and hence you need to be perfect here. 
There are a bunch of points that you should keep in mind while crafting questions for your quiz element. 
First, before you head to list down the questions, be mindful of two key parameters. One is your target niche. The other one is their personality. These two parameters will form the backdrop of your quiz table and all the questions you will formulate will be tailored according to these attributes.

Tips to make quizzes more appealing
We will round up this particular step with some pro tips on making your quiz structure more interesting.

  • Visuals
    Visual contents hold the potential to attract attention faster and better in comparison to text-only content. Text will always form the backbone of your quiz structure but the incorporation of visuals would make things more appealing to your audience. The first rule of interactive content is to provide something that would be able to catch customers’ attention- something that your visitors would love to spend time on. The usage of pictures will help to create an immersive experience for the entire content.
  • Simple and breezy questions
    Once again, your audience lacks time- rather, they are always in a rush. So, if you jumble things up with overly complicated and lengthy questions, the visitors will head the other way. One of the major principles of interactive content is to keep things breezy and light-hearted. Also, make sure, there is a playful element in your quiz listicle. Your audience should feel light and merry while participating in the quiz rounds- make sure they have fun about the whole thing.
  • Keep it interesting
    Try to move beyond the basic queries such as, “What is your favourite food?”. Try to offer something that is not offered by your competitors. Make it a unique experience- but also make sure that the whole experience shares relevance with your specific brand image.

Step 4
1. Share-worthy  content

You certainly want to reach out to a rising number of people with each passing day with your interactive content. But, for that, you would need willing help from your audience. You have certainly invested in promotional activities to spread the word- but when you want to make things viral, you need mass support. However, mass support would only be possible if your audience genuinely appreciates your quiz content. Humans are wired to share things with their friends and family if they love something. So, if they love your quiz table, they will certainly share it with their near and dear ones, thereby spreading the word about you to a rising number of people.
The bottom line is to make your quizzes so enjoyable that your audience loves to share them repeatedly with their friends and family and make them viral. In other words, share-worthy quizzes would help you to garner a new audience in a short time. Images are more likely to be shared in comparison to text-only content.
Use attractive visuals in your quiz table to scale up the click rate for your quizzes. You must also place a prominent CTA on the results page. The CTA will nudge the audience to take action, not exactly directly but in a cool subtle way.

Step 5
1. Spread the word

Once you have rounded up the quiz table, the next step is to share it with the world so that people can participate. Find out the online platform that is frequented by the majority of your potential audience. For example- if you cater to corporations or B2B customers, LinkedIn would be more of an ideal place in comparison to other networking sites. However, if your business belongs to the lifestyle niche, Instagram would be a more appropriate platform.

No matter whichever platform you choose to share the quiz content, make sure to post it on the topmost social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

2. Tips for sharing:

  • Use attractive imagery
  • Top it up with a hooking headline
  • Both the image and caption must carry a shortened link that will help to gauge results. You should know that shorter links have been shown to attract attention faster and better than lengthy links. 
  • Go for paid Facebook ads to promote your quiz content. You will be able to land up with a more targeted posting based on your choice of demographic, location, connection, and audience behaviour
  • Track down  proactive participants and engage with them over direct messages to build a  connection

Step 6

1. Link up with participants

This point is in direct continuation of the point mentioned above. 

You must make sure to create and increase connections with your target niche through quizzes. For example, while designing the quiz table, include a bullet that will request quiz takers to enter their email ID. This way, you would be able to follow up with all the participants through their email id. If a person takes your quiz, chances are high that he is interested in your offering. 

So, if you can build up a connection with the quiz participants over time,  later on, you will be able to nudge them to purchase your service or product.

2. Tips for following up

  • Maintain a tone of gratitude while sending emails. It would help if you always were grateful to every single person who would take time out to  participate in your quiz table
  • Always send customized content when you follow up with your leads later
  • Never be too pushy in your approach
  • Always focus first on building a solid connection


Don’t go directly into selling your offering after you have been able to create a strong connection with your audience. You can request them to take part in other smaller activities related to your brand, such as registration for webinars, signing up for e-books etc. If they start following up regularly, there could be a potential for conversion.
Finally, make sure to keep a tab on the performance of quizzes and related after-activities. Monitor the CTR of the quiz ads as well as conversion rates to attain clarity on the progress level as well as gaps in the quiz campaign.

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