Java Plug-in Deprecated Announces Oracle

Java plug-in finally deprecated by Oracle

Oracle, the developer of the Java plug-in for browsers has finally announced that the plug-in will be deprecated from the next version of JDK or Java Development Kit. The Java plug-in is needed for a lot of websites that rely on this insecure method of delivering web applications.

For now browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge have already stopped support for the Java plug-in and thus it is a fairly well decision on behalf of Oracle. That being said, a lot of websites and web applications still run on this slow, buggy and insecure plug-in. So it is time for them to buckle up and switch to either PHP or .net for the better.

What is actually the Java plug-in? The Java plug-in is basically a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs as an abstract layer on the browser and enables the browser to run Java programs. Since 1995, Java (and JVM) has been marketed as a web technology for creating rich internet applications. We still find many primitive websites using Java applets to display animation or to enhance user interactivity with the website.

While Adobe Flash first gave competition to Java applets in 2003, in 2011  JavaScript engines in browsers were improved significantly and the HTML specification of web technologies started enhancing JavaScript with new APIs. The problem with Java applets and also Adobe Flash, they exist only within their defined area and not outside it. Thus, a runtime modification of the applet is impossible via the DOM which on the other hand can be easily accomplished by JavaScript or it's a related library like Jquery.

Thus,  web design and development companies around the world prefer to use the HTML5 standard these days and avoid Java at all costs. Most notably, Java-based websites are not Android or iOS compatible!

Thus, the decision taken by Oracle is plausible and will make way for a better, agile, secure and faster web.

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