Out of the many resumes we receive every day, 60% are primarily .NET developer resumes. Apparently, these go straightway to the dustbin. Surprised? Read on.

Here is why we do not hire .NET programmers

Hiring a good programmer is an incredibly difficult job which requires a lot of thought. As every person doing the job of hiring knows, a CV doesn’t really say much about the person and the professional capabilities you are trying to hire. Instead, we opt for a more intimate session where we exchange thoughts, ideas and opinions to decide whether the person fits our requirements as well as whether we fit his or her ways. This helps us find the perfect coder who will work wonders for us, resulting in mutual growth.

Choosing the right kind of person who will make a difference in the company requires more than just experience. The skill, the passion, the attitude and so much more goes into making the right coder. A real passionate programmer usually starts young. From assembly to jQuery, from PC to mobile, no medium is out of bounds for them and this is the kind of programmer we love to encourage and hire. But when it comes to all the different mediums, there is one thing we do not encourage our programmers to venture into and that is. NET.

.NET framework is undoubtedly an excellent software framework to work with. It is, without a doubt, a smart and polished medium and it has a ton of modern features that one might ask for. To be honest, it is fancy and is a beautiful medium, but to be honest, not a very good choice for a programmer seeking employment.

Working with .NET is like making a sculpture in a set mould. You have the necessary thing to make your sculpture but in the end, it is a set mould that you are forced to work on. Just put the clay in and you will come out with a perfect and flawless product every single time you do it. There is no denying that it is beautiful and serves the purpose of making the sculpture, but what if you are asked to make a piece, of a slightly different size than the one your mould makes? You have no way of making that work since the size is so intrinsic to the mould in use, it is impossible to make the same sculpture in a size bigger. Hence you are in a fix. In contrast to that, a person who sculpts everything with simple hands can produce a variety of sculptures and even tweak them to suit every need. It is versatile and the creator has all sorts of creative freedom to work on a masterpiece. Even though a person can make a flawless piece with a mould, we always prefer someone who can sculpt from scratch with his or her own hands.

Why not .NET?

It is true that Microsoft has an amazing range of programming tools to aid the programmer, which does all the thinking for the person, making the job easier. A programmer who specialises in .NET is unable to work without the set tools as he or she does not get to delve into their work without a set and unchangeable framework.

To maintain its monopoly, Microsoft has made .NET very different from the other mediums that programmers work on. They have incorporated minor differences like using backslashes in file paths instead of forwarding slashes like most other OS or using a left-handed coordinate system with DirectX instead of a right-handed one etc which not only sets them apart but also makes it incredibly difficult and sometimes even impossible to port Windows-based apps to other non-Windows platforms. They have also successfully managed to obscure the networking stack under so many countless layers of abstraction that it’s virtually impossible for one to even comprehend what bytes are actually going over the wire. Moreover, there are other issues like programming tools which generate a number of complex files before you even write your first line of code, expensive servers that force a remote GUI terminal on you to do essentially anything despite a few keystrokes being perfectly adequate for everybody else and other complex issues which make it not a viable option. This has been done deliberately to maintain a monopoly against the growing market of open-source licensing.

Why do we prefer Php?

Owing to the contribution of millions of programmers worldwide, Php has become a formidable force armed with versatility, flexibility and so much more. On the other hand, Microsoft, with its obscure system, has pushed the development of Php even more as talented programmers refuse to be bound by rigid rules. Since it does not have set moulds to work on, a programmer has to develop a deeper sense of understanding and better skills to do every single thing from scratch, which makes it a more efficient choice. Moreover, as no format is set in stone, these can be customised without any extra effort. Therefore, Php is not only way cheaper, but also a more efficient system to work on. A programmer who works on .NET does not get the real feel of the work as they do not have the freedom to create, tweak and modify at their will.

If you are a programmer who specialises in .NET, there is a fair chance that you have already or will face issues with getting a job. Since most start-ups prefer Php or Node as a cheaper and more efficient platform, a .NET programmer becomes a liability because as a medium, .NET is fairly static compared to the flexibility and customisation options otherwise. Moreover, it can be assumed that since you get to work on a set framework, your knowledge of the framework is limited and hence you will not be of much use when it comes to modifying and editing things for a client’s needs. Therefore, it is not a very wise idea to invest your time and energy on a platform which will severely limit your employment options.

That being said, there are a lot of web design companies in Kolkata that develop on the .NET platform. Fortunately, we do not develop on .NET and do not hire .NET developers.

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